The Wind Park in Brachttal-Streitberg - Germany

  • Planning started at the end of 2000 and the park was commissioned in February 2002
  • 2 GE Wind Energy 1.5sl wind generators (hub height 85 m) have a total rated performance of 3 MW
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This park is located on a plateau in the southern part of the Vogelsberg mountains, on the "Spielberger Platte. The extension of this unwooded plateau which is appr. 400 m high is 5 km in the south-north direction and 3,5 km in the west-east direction. The landscape is open to the west and southwest (main wind direction) and to the northeast.

RENERTEC GmbH planned and erected the wind park. After achieving the erection permission the project was sold  to a company which financed the wind mills. RENERTEC is handling the wind park and doing the technical management for the owner.

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