The Wind Park Karlsburg-Luehmannsdorf at Wolgast - Germany

  • Planning started in the middle of 2001 and the park was commissioned in December 2003.
  • 10 Repower MD 77 wind turbines (hub height 61,4 m) have a total rated power of 15 MW.
The Wind Park Karlsburg-Luehmannsdorf at Wolgast - Germany

This park is located in the eastern part of Western Pomerania in a flat coastal area at the baltic sea, about 13 km southwest of the city of Wolgast. The area ist about 30 m to 50 m above sea level and ist totally unwooded and is used agriculturally. The landscape is open to all directions and a forceful and steady wind is blowing.    
RENERTEC GmbH planned and organized the erection of the wind park. After achieving the erecting permission the project was sold  to a company which financed  the wind mills and infrastructure. RENERTEC did the technical  management of the park for the owner.
RENERTEC was also handling the operational management of6 wind turbies (REpower MD 70, center hight 65m)nearby witch are in operation since 2001.

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