The Wind Park at Schluechtern-Wallroth I - Germany (dismantled/renaturated)

  • Planning started at the beginning of 1997 and the park was commissioned in June 1998, dismantling took place in 2015
  • 5 ENERCON E 40 wind generators (hub height 65 m), total rated powerof 2.5 MW
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This park was located on a hill chain, called Landruecken Hills, along the border between two counties (Main-Kinzig-Kreis and Landkreis Fulda), appr. 6 km northwest of Schluechtern, a former district town in Hessen. Several barely wooded knolls with heights of approximately 450 to 500 m are characteristic for the landscape of this area in Germany. The wind park Schluechtern/Elm is located 2 kilometres further south.

RENERTEC GmbH planned, designed and erected the wind park. The project was financed by a partnership (GmbH & Co KG), involving 11 mostly local partners.

RENERTEC GmbH directed both technical and commercial management up to the decommissioning. It was actually the beginning of RENERTEC's wind power activities.

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