The Wind Park at Schluechtern-Elm - Germany

  • Planning started in the middle of 2000 and the park was commissioned in March 2002
  • 7 GE Wind Energy 1.5sl wind generators (hub height 85 m) have a total rated power of 10.5 MW.
The Wind Park at Schluechtern-Elm - Germany

This park is located on a chain of hills along the border between the counties of Main-Kinzig-Kreis and Fulda, approximately 4 km northwest of the town of Schluechtern, in the federal state of  Hesse. Several barely wooded knolls with heights of approximately 450 to 500 m are characteristic for the landscape of this area. The Schluechtern / Wallroth wind park is located nearby, some 2 kilometres  north.

RENERTEC GmbH planned and organized the erection of the wind park. After receiving  the construction permit, the project was sold to a company, which financed the wind generators.

RENERTEC is now doing the technical management of the wind park which ist in the hands of more than 250 co-owners organized in a fond.

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