The Hydro-Power Plant at Herrenmuehle - Germany

  • Built in 1922 to drive a flourmill
  • Completely replanned and rebuilt in 1984/85 and since then in continuous operation
  • 6,5m height of fall; 850 litres/sec flow rate, rated power 30 kW; 100.000 kWh annual output, Ossberger cross-flow turbine
  • Fully automated and remote controlled
  • In 2009 additional construction of a fish ladder
  • The millsite became the home of the later founded RENERTEC, which was in 1995.

The generated electricity is primarily used by RENERTEC to feed its office facilities. The surplus is fed into the public grid owned by the local utility.

The Hydro-Power Plant at Herrenmuehle - Germany

The power plant was planned and built by RENERTEC founder, who now also operates it. Experience gained here provides the basis for hisplanning and supervision activities of subsequent European projects for small hydro- generating plants in the powerrange up to 1 Megawatt.

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