The Hydro-Power Plant at the castle Eisenhammer - Germany

  • Since 1726 the power source for iron making, later on furniture manufacturing. Decommissioned in 1960
  • Rebuilt and recommissioned in 1990 and in continuous operation since then
  • 22m hight of fall; 750 litres/sec rated flow; 110 kW rated power;  400.000 kWh annual output. Ossberger cross-flow turbine
  • Fully automated, remote-controlled and monitored
  • In 2009 a fish ladder added

The electrical power is fed into the public grid of the local utility (KWG).

The power plant was planned and built by the founder of RENERTEC.

The Hydro-Power Plant at the castle Eisenhammer - Germany

The know-how gained was furthermore the proven basis for numerous subsequent plannings and multiple tasks in connection with German and European small hydro generating plants by the founder of RENERTEC and his involvement in German and European hydro power policy.

Castle Eisenhammer (Dr. Otto Wack)
Castle Eisenhammer (Dr. Otto Wack)

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