The Wind Park Spielberg/Streitberg

  • Planning commenced in 2011 and the wind park was initiated in 2017
  • 3 VESTAS V126 wind turbines, each with a performance of 3.45 MW, heigth of tower 149m
  • Feeding the energy via an operator's handover station into the local network's 20 KV network
The Wind Park Spielberg/Streitberg

The Wind Park Schlüchtern Wallroth - Initiation in 2015

  • 9 Vestas V112 wind turbines (hub height of 140m), each with a performance of 3MW and a total performance of about 27MW 
  • Injection in an own electric power transformation substation in Schlüchtern-Elm, which was erected for this purpose
  • Repowering Project, in the course of the building of the new wind turbines five wind turbines from 1998 were dismatled
  • A single new wind turbine is producing twice as much...[mehr]
The Wind Park Schlüchtern Wallroth

The Hydro-Electric Werramuehle - Initation in 2013

  • 2 Turbinen of the Typ „Francis“ with a performance of 1 x 190KW und 1 x 60KW
  • Owned by the Renertec GmbH since 2007
  • To improve the efficiency the turbine, the power house, the fish pass and the structure were completely refurbishment in 2012
  • Electric power yield of about 1,5 millionen KWh per annum
The Hydro-Electric Werramuehle

Welcome to our Website

Our vision is to realize a new energy world with decentralized sustainabele resources.

We deal with renewable power generation plants, especially hydro and wind, and demonstrate how ever lasting natural, sources of energy, such as sun, wind and water can be untilised to produce electricity for nearby consumption.

Our core activities are:

  • Planning and engineering of projects
  • Acquisition of project sites and development of their infrastructure and planning and construction of the feed in of the electrical current into the grid
  • Operation of wind parks and hydro-electric plants
  • Technical inspection / expert knowledge of wind parks
  • Financial planning and execution.

Energy technologies and environmental protection are closely connected with each other. The danger to our climate, known as the greenhouse effect is everybodies concern and not longer seriously doubted. Scientific measurement has meanwhile confirmed that global warming is caused by the emission of harmful gases, mostly carbon dioxide. It is created by the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas and has rapidly developed into an intolerable burden for the globe and its inhabitants. Clear signs of this development are the recent floodings of river areas and extreme drynesses of summers in many regions of our world.

The growing independence of fossil energy resources like oil and coal which are even not well stocked all over the continents is getting more and more important.

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